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End of winterseason in the Alps - on our way to the North!

haute route from April 8-14, 2012

Although we still have lots of snow in the Alps, we've closed our winterseason in the Alps with a  haute route from Zermatt to Chamonix. Unortunately weather was not so great and due to huge amounts of snow and high avalanche danger we wer forced to quit the journey. The trip was however still a big success as we were able to make some great freeride descents!

Winter 2011-2012 was a beautilful season in the Alps with, except for one or two weeks, more than enough snow and excellent conditions. One of our most successfull programs was again the Powderhound weeks from our own Bekker Chalet. The possibilities from here are almost unlimited and next year we will, besides our other programs and destinations, more of those. We have already started planning our winter 2012-2013 season, coming soon on this website!

But before its time for next winter, we first finish this one up North. Starting with a week freeriding and skitouring between Kiruna in Sweden and Norway's Lyngenalps, followed by a week Ski & Sail near Alta in Norway. So still some more skiing!

Our  summerprogram in the Alps is now online. We are still working on some extra trips, so in case you have special requests, please let us know!

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