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Route d'Emosson 4
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CH-1925 Finhaut
Valais - Switzerland

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Climbing Mont Blanc (F) - 4810 m and Gran Paradiso (I) - 4061 m


Level ample experience in alpine walks and preferably some mountaineering experience, no fear of heights
Physical condition high level of fitness, able to walk 6 to 12 hours a day
Number of participants maximum 8 participants per week, 2 per guide during the Mont Blanc climb itself
Price includes 6 days halfboard, 6 days guidance costs, climbing gear, lifts, mountain train TMB
Price CHF 1,995,- p.p.*
incl. CHF 40,- discount p.p. when booked and paid a down payment before April 1 2014.


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An action filled mountain week with the roof of the Alps as the highlight

You could take a trip to acclimatise in the Mont Blanc massif, but why not choose a climb to Italian Gran Paradiso followed by the French Mont Blanc ascent via the Tête Rousse and the Goûter route? Point of departure and arrival is our own Bekker Chalet in Finhaut

Valsavaranche is not far from Finhaut and Chamonix through the Mont Blanc tunnel. Starting from the village of Pont we will walk up to Rifugio Chabod (2750 m). On our way we enjoy the authentic villages and the beautiful landscape of National Park Gran Paradiso.

After lunch (pasta of course!) the guides will instruct you how to use your climbing gear and tell you what to bring tomorrow. From this nice hut we will climb Gran Paradiso via a long, rough glacier. The guides will instruct the use of crampons, ice axe and rope so this high mountain can be safely climbed. The last part to the top is a very narrow rocky ridge, not difficult to conquer but a thrilling experience! A real Madonna awaits you and the views are stunning, Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Grand Combin, Mont Blanc….

montblanczuyd-09-20We descent and have lunch in Rifugio Chabod and drive back to Finhaut, where we can spend a relaxing night. Next morning we will drive to Les Houches we will take lift and mountain train and then walk to the first hut on Mont Blanc, Tête Rousse (3167 m), where we spend the night. You will have time here to have a rest and to acclimatise.

Next morning we prepare for the steep climb to the Goûter hut at a height of 3817 m. Roped up with the guide we continue in small groups, helmet on our head, crampons under our feet and ice axe in our hand. Here we will climb a rocky rib using our hands (grade II). Crampons are necessary when there is snow. During this climb we have to cross the dangerous "Grand Couloir" with its constant stonefall. When arriving in the hut, we prepare for the summit on the following day. After the cooked meal we call it a night.

Leaving the crowded Goûter hut at 3.00 am, we climb via the Vallot hut (emergency shelter) over the Bosses ridge to the top (4810 m). We will climb glaciers and snow ridges. It will take between 3 and 5 hours. The descent (same route as the ascent), too often underestimated, is long and exhausting as we go all the way down to the valley. A hard day's work!

montblanczuyd-09_23Depending on the weather, it is also possible to climb the summit directly from the Tête Rousse hut (3167 m) and spend the night on the way down in the Goûter hut. Thus, by adapting the summit day to the weather forecast, we can maximise your summit chances.

Successful Mont Blanc participants receive a certificate followed by a lovely raclette meal for all participants and the guides.

At the bottom of this page you can see a film about what to expect...



Ample experience in alpine walks (f.ex. hut to hut hiking trips) is needed, with a high level of fitness and no fear of heights.
Previous mountaineering experience (like alpine courses or glacier treks from our program) would be a real bonus.

Two factors are most important for reaching the Mont Blanc summit. The first is your personal level of fitness and your capability to adapt to heights. We therefore recommend to arrive a few days prior to the program so you can acclimatize. The second is the weather. We cannot influence weather conditions, but our program and our long-standing experience guarantees an unique holiday in the mountains with a good chance of success, even if circumstances are less favorable. Over the past 25 years hundreds of participants safely reached the Mont Blanc summit thanks to Edward Bekker Ski & Alpinisme!


The Mont Blanc ascent (4810 m), the highest peak of the Alps, is a challenging tour that requires stamina and physical and mental strength. Marathon runners, serious bikers and other participants often tell us afterwards that the Mont Blanc expedition was the greatest physical exertion of their life - no kidding! This ascent, often labeled as easy, should not be underestimated. Mont Blanc is a big, powerful and isolated mountain with rapidly changing weather conditions. It's a mixed rock and ice climb. Mont Blanc can be treacherous due to a change in weather, rockfall and other dangers of high altitude. Reaching the summit is a once in a lifetime experience, but participants should have enough energy left to safely complete the hard descent. Although the ascent is not a race and the guides move at a steady and even pace, you should be able to follow the guide at all times, both on your way up and down.

In order to enlarge safety of the participants, our highly experienced guides will rope up not more than 2 clients during the Mont Blanc ascent itself. This will maximise your summit chances and you will get more personal attention from the guide. Preparation will be thorough. At the beginning of the week, while enjoying your welcome drink, there will be an extensive briefing on weather conditions, equipment and the itinerary by the guide and/or Edward Bekker.

There are several routes up Mont Blanc. We ascend via the Tête Rousse and Gouter route. It has the best chance of success and the least risks. It is generally known that with the number of people climbing Mont Blanc it is difficult to arrange spaces in mountain huts, but thanks to our excellent local contacts with hut keepers and the fact that we are based here throughout the year, we have always been able to get the spaces we needed.

Instead of the classic 2-day ascent we've chosen a 3-day ascent, making the day hikes less long, giving you more time to enjoy and giving us maximum flexibility in different weather conditions.


  • For more than 25 years: On Top! Edward Bekker led his first clients to the top of Mont Blanc in 1984 when he was a guide in training
  • Edward Bekker Ski & Alpinisme is the leading provider of Mont Blanc climbs on the Dutch and Belgian market and is permanently based in the alpine capital of Chamonix Mont Blanc. The detailed knowledge of conditions contributes to its success
  • Personal contact is important to mountain guide Edward Bekker and his team of multi-lingual office staff
  • Edward Bekker Ski & Alpinisme works exclusively with qualified official IFMGA mountain and ski guides. The first language is English (but Dutch, German and French are commonly spoken)
  • The Goûter route has the best chance of success. All other routes are more complicated
  • We allocate 3 days for the Mont Blanc ascent, making the day hikes less long, giving you more time to enjoy and giving us maximum flexibility!
  • Price-quality ratio is excellent; all-in prices
  • The use of technical climbing gear is included in the price; they will be made fit for you on the spot by the guides
  • Small groups of 8 participants in total and 2 participants per guide guarantee a maximum of safety and the best chance of reaching the top of Mont Blanc!
  • Thanks to our half board arrangements, you do not have to worry about buying food and cooking meals; you can focus all your energy on the climb
  • 3 day ascent for more flexibility and more chances of a successfull climb

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